Innovation in Excellence

SPF: To begin with, please tell us about the recent developments at M.M. Gears (P) Ltd.?

Ans: We, at MM gears & Gishnu Gears have developed spiral bevel gears – as well as Spiral Bevel Gearboxes  ranging from .5 hp to 10 hp, where it can be a power saving replacement for the worm gearboxes & as we have been so obsessed & Addicted to Quality scheme – we have a Zero PPI in almost all our products

SPF: Tell us in brief about your various machines and Gears offering in India?

Ans: Our specialty in Worm, helical, bevel and planetary are being manufactured at our robust industrial facility with high profiled HMC, VMC & heavy gear generators along with profile grinding technologies.

SPF: What according to you is the biggest strength of your company in the industry?

Ans: Our employees who are all technically skilled& dedicated to their machines, our managers & Our supervisors who take the utmost effort to fulfill the targets.

SPF: What is the Quality Policy of your Company?


  • To manufacture products to meet the customer expectation of Quality, Delivery and Reliability
  • Continual improvement of process and systems
  • Upgradation of manufacturing methods
  • Cost reduction through elimination of waste and time
  • Development of human resources to adopt the fast changing customer expectations.

SPF: Brief in detail the infrastructure?

Ans: Our infrastructure facility spreads over a sprawling area of 30,000 sq.ft. We are well-equipped with state of the art machiney that are best-suited for the manufacture of high precision, durable and quality products. Our integrated manufacturing facility comprises of desing & development, manufactring quality checking and develiery . Our team of high skilled employees is in constant pursuit to meet the specific requirement of our customers and is capable of devlivering best products with utmost precision within the stipulated time.

  • Quality Testing Machineries
  • Gear lead and profile tester
  • CMM- Accurate Spectra
  • Trimos Vertical TVA 600
  • Brinell Hardness Tester KB300H
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • All types of gauges and instruments

SPF: What are services offered?

Ans: Gear boxes are to be rigidly mounted so as to minimize the effect of fluctuating or heavy loads. Always check the alignment after bolting down. After installation and alignment has taken place, properly locate the gear unit by means of dowels at appropriate locations preferably in diagonal direction.

The use of flexible couplings (Love joy / Gear coupling flanges with rubber bushes / tyre couplings) are very important for the improved performance of the gear box. The couplings are to be lined up to avoid the misalignment of angularity and eccentricity.

The MM Gears Speed Reducer lubrication system is self contained positive and automatic at all speeds of operation and in either direction of rotation. Adaptable units are provided with breather, oil level and drain plugs and it must be ensured that these are correctly positioned as shown on the accompanying diagram. Other units incorporate a dipstick for oil level checking, an oil filler-cum-ventilator and drain plugs. Their locations are shown below.

MM Gears Speed Reducer units are supplied without oil and must be filled with the correct grade of lubricant to the correct level. It is important to ensure that the correct oil level is not exceeded as over filling causes oil churning which resulting in overheating and leakage.

SPF: What solutions do your offer for the Gears industry?

Ans: We, believe that these gears are one of the most important innovation in the world, So it is very significant that we give the respect that this product deserves and manufacture it the way it is supposed to be.

SPF: What are the major challenges that this industry faces?

Ans: It is time, that we start listening to the slogan MAKE IN INDIA., more than that the industry is ready to perform as per our PM Modi’s initiative – but the citizens of India should have an awareness of BUY IN INDIA.

About M M Gears :

It is our most vital need that QUALITY plays an important role, But here in M M Gears (P) Ltd – where INNOVATION is delivered since 1995  and achieve quality by generate a SPARQ inside everyone – that there is no deviation from the IDEOLOGY of the management or comprising of QUALITY by employees. The company make sure customers never stop encouraging to create more unique and exclusive products.,

M M Gears (P) Ltd value CUSTOMERS are valued more than any aspect of business sphere which has put us in the most envious position in the market.

MM gears is a pioneer in manufacturing standard gear boxes, customized gear boxes and special bevel gear boxes for automobile application. With 18 years of experience and expertise in this field, the company are manufacturing products that excels in quality

M M Gears (P) Ltd. manufactures comprehensive range of high precision products using state-of-the-art technology and high-configured machinery. The manufacturing facility is well-complemented by high skilled technical team and exclusive in-house design team. With robust technical expertise and sheer business acumen and manufacture products that exactly meets clients requirements.

Aspiring to explore new horizons, the team of dedicated technocrats stride forward to mark a niche in our industry sphere and supply products to a wide spectrum of clients in India and overseas that include Rane TRW, Fairfield Manufacturing (USA), Ring & Pinion Service, Inc (USA) and many others.

The company located at the prime hub of south India, Coimbatore. Easy access to international airports and ports makes us to safety deliver products glo