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Monad electronics an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, which has over the last 12 years been involved in the business of Exporting, designing & manufacturing, Electronic Industrial products, Testing equipments, sensors and related indicating and controlling devices and allied products related to Data logging & Acquisition and are specialized in providing consultancy for itemized engineering Test rigs and Projects. The company also interested in taking-up the project Development, recommending and mfg. sensing and related components, service providing in Installation & Commissioning.
The company design, manufacture and Import sensors for force-single and multi component, Torque-Reaction and Rotary, Pressure, Temperature, ph, Conductivity, Level, Vibration, Flow-contact and Non-Contact with solid flow measurements.
The facility includes regular and customized indicating devices, in Industrial standard housing with front panel keypad functions, Bright and Crisp displays(LCD/LED), incorporating tested and precise electronic components. These indicators come in standalone units and also combines with sensors and other control panels.
Standalone Data Acquisition modules-8channel, multichannel systems along with the Analysis software, and also have a dedicated team for the purpose of inspection of parts produced, thus maintaining the clients requirements. The company conducts inspection as per the Industrial and R&D standard at our in house testing and calibrating Facility.
The Monad Electronics is an Electronic Design Services (EDS) based firm providing custom applications and embedded product design services to Industry and Government. We provide everything you need to develop your technology-based product or system.
From working with you to create functional specifications, to handling the design specification, scheduling, cost estimation, project staffing, project management, program management, prototyping, certifications, quality assurance and delivery.
Monad Electronics has the following domain/market expertise Industrial Control & Automation, Industrial Measurement & Testing, Instrumentations, Process control, Machine automation & controlling cards/systems for OEMs, Micro controller / Digital technology based Products, Mechatronics and Embedded technology.
Some of the product are brief in details:
Stablizer Card:

MONAD Electronics provides Microcontroller based Servo Voltage Stabilizer Control Card.. Microcontroller servo voltage control card is equipped with an advanced, Industrial grade micro controller Technology with automatic controls. It requires minimum external wiring and setting for fast production of servo voltage stabilizers. It also has advantages of in built digital meters for all parameters & user friendly design. MONAD offers you a solution, which provides more versatile features & protections. That sequel a cost saving to one’s products. It features are All functions and parameters are fully software programmable, Dual in line 16 character LCD display with back-light, Display of In-put voltage, Display of Out-put voltage, Display of Set voltage, Display of Load, Over Load protection, Short circuit protection, Under / Over voltage protection, Set voltage control setting on panel, Manufactured using Industrial grade Technology & Components, Modular card design for easy maintenance & replacement, Programmable hysteresis On and On board Auto Manual functions & switches.
The technical specifications are Measuring Input voltage range 0-500 volt, Measuring Output voltage range 0-500 volt, Measuring load range 0-500 %, Set Voltage range 200-250 V, Supply voltage for card 5 volt by control transformer, Over / Under voltage cut Relay output, Over load Buzzer & Relay, Output, Control output for servo motor By Triac,
Advantages of Microbased Card are More protection & features without any additional cost, Over load protection, Short circuit protection, High/Low Voltage protection, Single phase prevention for 3 phase system, Cost saving of 3 digital meters, (I/P V, O/P V, A), Less labour cost as nearly no setting is required, Latest Technology product for this competitive market and Fluid Damped Single Point.
Batch Weigher
Monad Weight/Rate-By-Weight Controllers are high performance indicators with features and options focused on the requirements of process weighing applications with local set point control. They operate with all strain gage type load cells and interface easily with any PLC, PC based supervisory control system. Engineering emphasis has been placed on simplicity, reliability, and expandability.
Standard rate-by-weight operation and output provides precision mass flow control. 12 relay outputs are available for local set point control, based upon set point values entered through the keypad, or downloaded serially from a host device. All relay configuration and logic parameters are selectable through the front panel keypad.
Communication of weight, set point values, system status, and diagnostic information is accomplished using standard protocols , and quick calibration and setup procedures save time, money, and even field service calls. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor system performance and alert service personnel to potential problems before they happen.
Its applications are Weight and mass flow measurement with set point control, Batch/blend/mix systems, High value ingredient processing
Set Point Control
Precise set point control ensures accurate and repeatable batch process performance. Standard instruments have eight open collector DC set point output signals. Individual outputs can be configured for main (coarse) or dribble(fine) operation with in-flight and dead band compensation for precision valve control. Polarity selection allows ‘open above’ or ‘closed above’ operation of each point.
Tag names may be assigned for front panel or interface identification. Optionally, 12t solid state, triac type outputs can be ordered. Each triac output has the same configuration and parameter selections as the DC signals.
Communications and Interfacing
Instruments are designed for fast, easy interfacing with virtually any PLC or PC system.
Its features are 1 million count resolutions, 20 updates per second, High resolution (16 Bit) analog output, RS-232/485 communication port with ASCII, Rate-by-weight (mass flow) operation, Up To 12 set point relay outputs, Quick-cal set-up, Dynamic digital process filtering, Real time system & loop diagnostics.
Fluid Damped Single Point Load Cell

Model FDM11 is specifically designed to be used where fast acquisition of a stable load signal is recquired. The model FDM11’s unique fluid damping system allows the loadcell to be used in applications that previously required the use of LVDT’s or similar types of measuring devices. The model FDM11 brings load cell adaptability into check weighing and grading applications. Sealed to IP66 level and available in coated steel or stainless steel, the model FDM11 is suitable for most wash-down applications. Its applications are Multi-head filling machines, Check weighing, Grading machines, Liquid filling, Dynamic weighing. Its features are Capacities 2 – 50kg, Painted steel construction, IP66 protection, Available with metric and UNC threads, Optional Features are Stainless steel construction and Digital version available.

Embedded technology

As a definition, embedded technology is software and hardware that is embedded in a large device or system. It performs a specific repetitive task or control of specified system. Monad is in this field from last 10 year and developed various products and systems using latest available technology and the company also under takes third party product development and improvement. Its projects are AC drive IGBT based switching with Microcontroller based control, High frequency triple conversion On line UPS, Weighing scale with 24 bit AD & Microcontroller based, Flow meter digitizer with controller, Microcontroller based Induction heating generator ( IGBT based frequency up to 500 khz), Microcontroller based Battery De-sulphatetion Device, 6 axial Load cell Digitizer with FFT ,Digital low pass filter,24 bit AD, Microcontroller based, Rotary transformer type Torque sensor, Microcontroller based Security system, Acceleration sensor, Microcontroller based Security system, Power factor controller, Automatic Tensile testing machine with PC control, Automatic Rockwell hardness tester With PC data logging & control, Microcontroller based Pipe testing system, Solid flow meter, Ultrasonic level measurement, Crane safe load indicator, AC Drive based Web-tension control system ( 5 Drive system), Magnetic Powder brake based Web-tension control system, Automatic Microcontroller based multi Battery charger, Automatic Microcontroller based battery plate profile charger, Microcontroller based electro Hydrogen generator controller, Microcontroller based plating plant controller, Microcontroller based electro polishing machine controller, Microcontroller based Wax injecting machine controller, Microcontroller based automatic casting machine controller, Loss in weigh tank weighing system (Microcontroller based), Microcontroller based street light management system, Microcontroller based hydraulic press controller, Microcontroller based machine vision quality control system, Microcontroller based UTM Controller, Microcontroller based LED display system.
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